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Based in O'Fallon, Missouri

Release date:
Q1 2022

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Run, jump and dash across five worlds inspired by Japanese mythology as Yuzu, a young and inexperienced member of the fox people called kitsune, serving as a divine messenger of the goddess Inari. Follow her destiny and prove even a half-kitsune with a human father can master adorable elemental outfits bestowing powerful abilities including ground pound attacks, running on water, shooting fireballs, and freezing enemies solid.

A mishap on Yuzu's first outing leaves her in serious trouble. Fortunately the friendly healer Akko saves the kitsune from a dire fate. Perhaps this turn of events was written in the stars, as a budding romance develops between the two young women. Unfortunately, Yuzu's childhood friend and mentor has other plans, and with the help of a special amulet gifted to Yuzu by her goddess she must rescue Akko from her former mentor before it's too late.

Earn even more special abilities by finding hidden outfits or stealing them from monsters. Ride a giant boot, become an invincible rainbow fox, or use an antique samurai spear to scale walls. Fend off unfriendly ghosts with the warm light of paper lanterns in search of secret doors. Retrace Yuzu's footsteps through earlier areas with newfound powers to find optional story content and unlock the best ending.


Kitsune Tails is the follow up to Super Bernie World, which was played over a quarter million times across Steam and itch.io. Kitsune Games is teaming up with 2064: Read Only Memories studio MidBoss and console publisher Ratalaika Games to bring you this platformer styled after beloved classics to PC and console and regions across the world.


  • Classic platforming action set in a land inspired by Japanese mythology
  • Explore five elemental worlds and various haunted houses
  • Learn new elemental powers and use them to find secrets and optional story content
  • Unlock a bonus ending by fully exploring the relationships between characters
  • Use cute outfits to power up or stomp around by stealing a giant boot from enemies
  • Defeat your haughty former mentor and her gang of foxy minions
  • Stomp on pangos to make them curl into a ball, pick them up, and kick them around
  • Carry lights through haunted houses to reveal secret doors and ward off ghosts
  • Tailor the depth of challenge to your own taste using a variety of features and accessibility options


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Kitsune Games allows for the contents of Kitsune Tails to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Kitsune Tails is legally & explicitly allowed by Kitsune Games. This permission can be found in writing at http://kitsunegames.com/press/sheet.php?p=kitsune%20tails.

About Kitsune Games

Kitsune Games is an inclusive indie video game development studio founded by Emma 'Eniko' Maassen. Through its mission, "traditional games made accessible and diverse", the studio strives to make the world a better place by offering quality, accessible entertainment with representation of people from all walks of life.

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Kitsune Tails Credits

Emma Maassen
Producer, Lead Designer

James Yarrow
Producer, Writer

Allison Shabet
Lead Pixel Artist

Wayne Kubiak
Pixel Art

Anthony Swinnich
Level Designer

Serena Samborski

Jorge Saldias

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