Hi! I’ve written a post for AbleGamers detailing all the work that went into making MidBoss more accessible.

MidBoss: Making an Accessible Game Solo

MidBoss, a possession-based, traditional, turn-based roguelike will have just come out when this is posted. It’s a game that I made mostly by myself over the course of four and a half years, creating the engine, graphics, sounds, and all of the code.

My name is Emma Maassen, but you can call me Eniko. I’m a Dutch queer person currently living in the United States. Many of my friends belong to various minorities, so the mission statement for my studio - Kitsune Games - is ‘traditional gaming made accessible and diverse’. Accessibility is something I feel strongly about, both on a physical as well as a social level.

In this post I’ll outline the things I did to make MidBoss more accessible for people with various limitations, and hopefully convince you that doing this doesn’t need to be the herculean task many think it is.

Visit the AbleGamers website to read the whole thing.