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Good news everyone: Kitsune Tails is officially coming to Nintendo Switch! It will launch on Nintendo Switch alongside PC (Windows, Linux) and PlayStation 4 and 5. To celebrate the news we’ve put together a new trailer for the game, showcasing Yuzu in different states of power up:

The earth power up has a straw hat which functions like a drill using breakdancing moves inspired by Samurai Champloo, while the snow fox’s ice power up shoots ice projectiles which freezes enemies into solid platforms. Finally there’s Yuzu as a tiny fox, a form she reverts to upon taking damage to give the player a chance to recover.

Which is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting at @KitsuneGamesCom!

Run, jump, and dash across a land inspired by Japanese mythology and experience
a story of magic and queer romance in this follow up to Super Bernie World.

Classic Platforming, Magic & Queer Romance

We’re proud to announce development of our upcoming title Kitsune Tails, a platformer styled after beloved classics steeped in Japanese mythology and diverse relationships, coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, as well as Windows and Linux via Steam and

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Ultra Hat Dimension, a puzzle game about adorable hats and getting punched for wearing them is now available on Steam and for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $4.99! Ratalaika Games has also ported Ultra Hat Dimension to all major consoles, available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and releasing on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, July 17.

Everything goes awry shortly after hat designer Bea arrives to accept her award for winning the annual hat design competition when the normally peaceful Spluffs turn violent and start punching anyone who wears a different hat! Featuring grid-based puzzles about maneuvering and displacement, Ultra Hat Dimension is a lovely jaunt through a gauntlet of fisticuffs.

Guide Bea through five seasonally themed floors consisting of 65 puzzles, and uncover the truth behind the terrible curse afflicting the Spluffs through the fully animated introductory cutscene and story intermissions between levels.

Kitsune Games is officially endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. As the primary field has narrowed it has become increasingly obvious to us that Sanders is the only viable choice to win the nomination and defeat Trump.

More than that, we feel his policies are the best way forward, not just for us, but for our community. Medicare for all is hugely important to everyone, from freelancers and gig economy workers, to self employed developers, to those in the LGBTQ+ community. Sanders is pro-union, pro-living wage, and wants to cancel student debt. Not only that, he has the strongest policy and record for protecting the lives and rights of the trans community, especially when it comes to healthcare access. And last but not least, his support for the Green New Deal makes him our best chance in the fight against climate change.

Senator Bernie Sanders has shown that he’s the candidate most willing and capable of fighting for the most vulnerable members of our community. If you can, please vote or caucus for Bernie, and consider donating or volunteering for his campaign as we have, especially if you’re in one of the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

If you’d like our help finding a way to volunteer for Bernie that suits you please join our Discord and message Njord, he can help you get set up.


Emma Maassen, President
James Yarrow, CEO

Before we discuss the recent events surrounding Apple’s news for Mac users, I’d like to reassure our MidBoss players and Lore Finder backers on Mac that MidBoss will continue to be playable on Macs going forward, and Lore Finder will get a Mac release simultaneously with Windows and Linux.

As you may have heard, Apple’s new OS Catalina will require all applications to be notarized by Apple in order to run on end user machines. There will, for now, be ways to work around Gatekeeper in order to run non-notarized apps, although these methods will likely not be user friendly.

Additionally, Steam has announced that as of October 14, all new applications will need to be notarized by Apple. There’s some debate in developer communities as to whether or not Steam will simply disallow—or be unable to run—unsigned games after that date, or not.

Kitsune Games is committed to having our games available on as many operating systems as possible. However, Mac sales account for only 2% of our sales. Notarizing our software for Mac creates additional cost to maintain a developer account, but also to upgrade to more modern (and expensive) Mac hardware so we can notarize apps at all. Right now that math doesn’t add up for us.

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Announcing a new sprites and randomizer DLC for MidBoss

It’s MidBoss’ 2nd release anniversary, happy birthday MidBoss! Over the past two years MidBoss has had over 11 thousand players, which just blows my mind. It’s been a hell of a journey, but we’re here to tell you that journey isn’t quite over yet.

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on an upcoming aesthetics and randomizer DLC for MidBoss! This DLC will feature all new pixel art for all the monsters in the game, including idle animations. It’ll also add a randomizer mode which should address one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive; that MidBoss isn’t as replayable as other roguelikes.

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