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MidBoss celebrates its one year anniversary with a new update, introducing Steam trading cards, a sharp pixel art font, and a new room type. Trading cards of course come with a full compliment of cards, badges, emotes, and backgrounds.

New pixel art font comparison in MidBoss with new at the top and old at the bottom

A new custom pixel art font was created for this update to address complaints of the font being too blurry. Check out the image to compare the two fonts when seen at 1080p, with the new font at the top and the old at the bottom.

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The big MidBoss patch you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! There’s too much to cover in depth so here’s a quick list of things you’ll be interested in:

  • Upgrade system provided by the merchant. Scrap useless items into a single (sellable) pile, increase the number of slots in your inventory, and stack potions and tomes.
  • Three brand new abilities! Throw lets you throw anything in the game at your enemies, Guard replaces the Rust ability and is a toggle which drains stamina every turn but increases your damage reduction, and Miasma which replaces Life Leech on warlocks which throws down a field that blinds anything that passes through it, lowering Evasion and Accuracy.
  • Fast travel! Just right click on the map to travel to your cursor, the merchant, the cratefish king, or the stairs.
  • Item quickbar for using, equipping, and throwing items easily and conveniently.
  • Changes to game modes, there are now three to pick from. Hardcore mode is the default permadeath roguelike mode, 1UP mode gives you 5 lives with more to find along the way, and Narrative mode is for those who want to casually explore all the game has to offer with infinite lives and buffs to make the game easier.
  • Each new game mode now comes in three lengths: quick (same as quick play), standard (a new faster mode between the old quick play and default), and extended (the same as the old default).
  • Changes to make shrines more accessible. Gods will summon champions to punish you for trashing their shrines. If defeated these champions will drop icons belonging to their god, which you can use to gain the god’s blessing. Additionally, pages of lore will randomly drop throughout the game, some of which contains information about the gods and how to interact with them.
  • New Game+ enhancements. When starting a New Game+ you can start the game with a new random seed. Additionally there’s a hazard boost option, this makes items and monsters stronger, allowing you to play through the game multiple times at increasing difficulty.
  • Experienced players can now speed up animations by 25, 50, 75, or 100% through the options menu.
  • Mastery procs and debuffs will be shown onscreen to make it clearer what’s going on.
  • Improvements to keyboard targeting prioritizes enemies over static objects, and selects targets in a more natural left-to-right fashion.
  • The floppy disk item has been implemented. If you find and use it there’s an achievement in it for you, and a glimpse into MidBoss’ past!
  • Improvements to controls and options for new players of all experience levels.

And those are just the highlights. Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog, and if you enjoy these changes and MidBoss, please vote for it in the Labor of Love category of the Steam awards.

The first part of the quality of life changes to MidBoss, version 1.1.7, is out now! Read on for highlighted changes, our v1.2 roadmap, and the full changelog.

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Hi! I’ve written a post for AbleGamers detailing all the work that went into making MidBoss more accessible.

MidBoss: Making an Accessible Game Solo

MidBoss, a possession-based, traditional, turn-based roguelike will have just come out when this is posted. It’s a game that I made mostly by myself over the course of four and a half years, creating the engine, graphics, sounds, and all of the code.

My name is Emma Maassen, but you can call me Eniko. I’m a Dutch queer person currently living in the United States. Many of my friends belong to various minorities, so the mission statement for my studio - Kitsune Games - is ‘traditional gaming made accessible and diverse’. Accessibility is something I feel strongly about, both on a physical as well as a social level.

In this post I’ll outline the things I did to make MidBoss more accessible for people with various limitations, and hopefully convince you that doing this doesn’t need to be the herculean task many think it is.

Visit the AbleGamers website to read the whole thing.

MidBoss version 1.1.0 is out now, and marks the game’s full launch on Steam and! This means the game is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Steam launch also comes with the option to buy the original soundtrack by yuzuki.

It’s been a hell of a long road, but we’re finally here. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us for so long, either through testing the game when it was in free beta, buying it on itch, or covering it during the long years it took to get here. This game probably wouldn’t have made it without your support.

Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

Start a new game with items you had when you died by spending death cards

MidBoss version 1.0.8 is out now, containing 7 new early game monsters, and grave goods! When starting a new game in this version you may be asked if you wish to select grave goods. Every saved death card can be used once to select one item from the card’s inventory to start your new game with. This will help players get back up to speed more quickly after dying, and the new monsters will help vary up the early game. You can start a new game with up to 6 grave goods.

Wishlist the game on Steam, check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

The death card screen you see after dying

MidBoss version 1.0.4 is out now, containing detailed stats, new Steam achievements, and most importantly the new death cards! These cards are generated upon death (or beating the game) and contain detailed data about your run and how it ended. They even contain your entire inventory! You can share these images with your friends or on Twitter, and import them into the game to view the detailed information and replay the game with the same seed and settings.

Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.