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Before we discuss the recent events surrounding Apple’s news for Mac users, I’d like to reassure our MidBoss players and Lore Finder backers on Mac that MidBoss will continue to be playable on Macs going forward, and Lore Finder will get a Mac release simultaneously with Windows and Linux.

As you may have heard, Apple’s new OS Catalina will require all applications to be notarized by Apple in order to run on end user machines. There will, for now, be ways to work around Gatekeeper in order to run non-notarized apps, although these methods will likely not be user friendly.

Additionally, Steam has announced that as of October 14, all new applications will need to be notarized by Apple. There’s some debate in developer communities as to whether or not Steam will simply disallow—or be unable to run—unsigned games after that date, or not.

Kitsune Games is committed to having our games available on as many operating systems as possible. However, Mac sales account for only 2% of our sales. Notarizing our software for Mac creates additional cost to maintain a developer account, but also to upgrade to more modern (and expensive) Mac hardware so we can notarize apps at all. Right now that math doesn’t add up for us.

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Announcing a new sprites and randomizer DLC for MidBoss

It’s MidBoss’ 2nd release anniversary, happy birthday MidBoss! Over the past two years MidBoss has had over 11 thousand players, which just blows my mind. It’s been a hell of a journey, but we’re here to tell you that journey isn’t quite over yet.

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on an upcoming aesthetics and randomizer DLC for MidBoss! This DLC will feature all new pixel art for all the monsters in the game, including idle animations. It’ll also add a randomizer mode which should address one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive; that MidBoss isn’t as replayable as other roguelikes.

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Collect 25 shamrocks to permanently unlock the Shamrock card border

MidBoss version 1.4.0 is out now, marking the start of the Saint Patrick’s Day event, which will run until the 31st. Collect 25 shamrocks which drop from random enemies to permanently unlock the new Shamrock card border. MidBoss will be 55% off for the entire duration of the event on, so if you or any of your friends haven’t picked it up yet, now is a great time!

This new version also fixes several important bugs, including the return of the gold victory card border and the Soul Fatigue mechanic, and clarifications to tooltips for the Guard, Zap, and Shocking Grasp abilities. Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

Our upcoming cosmic horror metroidvania Lore Finder has finished its 30 days on Kickstarter and raised nearly twice the initial $10,000 goal! A big thank you to all our supporters and fans who helped to make this a reality. Lore Finder now has a page on our website.

Lore Finder can be wishlisted on Steam.

About Lore Finder

Lore Finder is a modern queer reimagining of the cosmic horror genre, taking influences from the various games and literary works in the genre first inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, set in the latter half of the 20th century. It is the story of K.C. Morgan (a non-binary character) who is a Private Investigator turned Paranormal Investigator after the disappearance of their father, Richard Morgan, a professor and researcher at Boston University. Eventually, their search takes them to a mansion owned by the Wright family on an island off the New England Coast. Once there K.C. discovers that the residents and staff have been horribly corrupted by some twisted occult influence, the only clues as to their fate, and the fate of their father seems to be found within scrolls, written on human skin, filled with dark forbidden lore so terrible that it may rend the very fabric of reality itself.

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MidBoss celebrates its one year anniversary with a new update, introducing Steam trading cards, a sharp pixel art font, and a new room type. Trading cards of course come with a full compliment of cards, badges, emotes, and backgrounds.

New pixel art font comparison in MidBoss with new at the top and old at the bottom

A new custom pixel art font was created for this update to address complaints of the font being too blurry. Check out the image to compare the two fonts when seen at 1080p, with the new font at the top and the old at the bottom.

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The big MidBoss patch you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! There’s too much to cover in depth so here’s a quick list of things you’ll be interested in:

  • Upgrade system provided by the merchant. Scrap useless items into a single (sellable) pile, increase the number of slots in your inventory, and stack potions and tomes.
  • Three brand new abilities! Throw lets you throw anything in the game at your enemies, Guard replaces the Rust ability and is a toggle which drains stamina every turn but increases your damage reduction, and Miasma which replaces Life Leech on warlocks which throws down a field that blinds anything that passes through it, lowering Evasion and Accuracy.
  • Fast travel! Just right click on the map to travel to your cursor, the merchant, the cratefish king, or the stairs.
  • Item quickbar for using, equipping, and throwing items easily and conveniently.
  • Changes to game modes, there are now three to pick from. Hardcore mode is the default permadeath roguelike mode, 1UP mode gives you 5 lives with more to find along the way, and Narrative mode is for those who want to casually explore all the game has to offer with infinite lives and buffs to make the game easier.
  • Each new game mode now comes in three lengths: quick (same as quick play), standard (a new faster mode between the old quick play and default), and extended (the same as the old default).
  • Changes to make shrines more accessible. Gods will summon champions to punish you for trashing their shrines. If defeated these champions will drop icons belonging to their god, which you can use to gain the god’s blessing. Additionally, pages of lore will randomly drop throughout the game, some of which contains information about the gods and how to interact with them.
  • New Game+ enhancements. When starting a New Game+ you can start the game with a new random seed. Additionally there’s a hazard boost option, this makes items and monsters stronger, allowing you to play through the game multiple times at increasing difficulty.
  • Experienced players can now speed up animations by 25, 50, 75, or 100% through the options menu.
  • Mastery procs and debuffs will be shown onscreen to make it clearer what’s going on.
  • Improvements to keyboard targeting prioritizes enemies over static objects, and selects targets in a more natural left-to-right fashion.
  • The floppy disk item has been implemented. If you find and use it there’s an achievement in it for you, and a glimpse into MidBoss’ past!
  • Improvements to controls and options for new players of all experience levels.

And those are just the highlights. Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog, and if you enjoy these changes and MidBoss, please vote for it in the Labor of Love category of the Steam awards.

The first part of the quality of life changes to MidBoss, version 1.1.7, is out now! Read on for highlighted changes, our v1.2 roadmap, and the full changelog.

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