Lore Finder recently got funded on Kickstarter, and raised almost twice its initial goal of $10,000! This means that Lore Finder will be coming to a PC near you very soon, with simultaneous releases on Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus the additional ‘girlfriend mode’, which will double the game’s length!

Try the Kickstarter demo in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) or as a Windows PC download, or wishlist Lore Finder on Steam.

Cosmic Horror Metroidvania

Discover forbidden lore which warps your body and reality itself. The more you know, the worse it gets.

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  • Traverse a changing world: Individual rooms will transform and hold new surprises as you accumulate powers.
  • Find your own path: Non-linear design encourages freeform, exploration-based, and self-directed progression. Complete sections of the game in what order you like.
  • Experience atmosphere: From the dark and oppressive living areas, to the impersonal basement with its cold steel and mortar, to the dank caverns that lie even further below.
  • Accumulate forbidden powers: Embrace your own corruption, fight fire with fire, and wield dark powers against their own progenitors.
  • Face climactic terrors: Within the mansion dwell dangers of elevated strength and influence, often guarding crucial ways and powers.
  • Uncover a family’s corruption: Experience the result of the restless emotions of the mansion’s formerly human inhabitants expressed through an eldritch power, from the anxiety of a frustrated would-be scientist to the isolation and anguish of a child unloved.
  • Piece together past events: Explore and find scattered evidence of the inhabitants’ otherworldly transformation through journal entries and memory-stained objects.
  • Non-binary Protagonist: Play as paranormal investigator K.C. Morgan.
  • Girlfriend mode: Beat the game to unlock this mode, allowing you to play as K.C.’s girlfriend, with all new powers and story.
  • Speedrun mode: The speedrun mode offers a built-in timer and will streamline play experience for speedrunners.