Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

Kill your enemies, possess their bodies, and take their abilities as your own in this procedurally generated death labyrinth.

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Turn-based Puzzle Game

Solve puzzles using hats, exploring through the levels of the Spluff Palace to defeat your arch-nemesis!

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Point & Click Adventure

Cornered in a motel room by zombies. There is no way out. Or is there?

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Twin-stick Roguelite Shooter

The evil dead pixels have taken over the color palette and you, the last remaining pixel, are the only hope!

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Dungeon Crawling Card Game

Build your deck and play cards to help CGA-ko battle through the dungeon in this CGA-themed web game.

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Early Prototypes

Procedural Sandbox RPG

A fully randomly generated sandbox RPG using Ultima 6/7 as a style guide, featuring huge, expansive worlds.

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Tools, Utilities and Misc

Ultra Hat Dimension

Map Editing Guide

Guide on making custom maps for Ultra Hat Dimension using the free Tiled map editor.


Guild Wars 2 Boss Timers Utility

World boss timer app for Guild Wars 2 which lives inobtrusively in your systray.

Transformative Works

Video content creators are granted permission to use our games in Let's Plays and live streams, as well as other transformative works such as gaming podcasts or news shows, monetized or otherwise. We'd appreciate it if you drop us a link so we can also enjoy the content, but that's not mandatory.