Turn-based Puzzle Game

Solve puzzles using hats, exploring through the levels of the Spluff Palace to defeat your arch-nemesis!

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  • Four kinds of adorably pixeled hats!
  • Flowing water!
  • Custom map support!
  • Punch people backwards!
  • Unending slapfights!
  • Mouth sounds!
  • Punch people out cold!
  • People floating downstream!
  • Charming music!
  • An epic puzzley boss battle!


This game supports modding:
custom maps, assets, tile behavior

Custom Map & Modding Information

Ultra Hat Dimension has built-in support for custom maps made using the Tiled map editor, as well as modding via custom assets and altered tiledefs. Information on all of this can be found in the official Map Editing Guide.

Ludum Dare versions

Ultra Hat Dimension was originally made for Ludum Dare 32, this version of the game is still available for free.

Ludum Dare version locations