This game may be buggy or rough, features are subject to change

People wanted to play around with the prototype so here it is. It’s super early so don’t be surprised if it explodes on you. I take no responsibility for lost limbs resulting from operating this piece of software. - Eniko

If the game crashes on startup complaining about possibly blocked files, unblock the zip before extracting it, run the game with the -unsafe command line argument, or use a 3rd party tool like 7-zip to unzip it.


  • Click ‘Generate’ to generate
  • Left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out
  • Arrow keys to move view
  • B to show chunk borders (magenta) and tile borders (black)

Command line arguments

  • -unsafe: runs the game in a state where plugins are loaded with full trust, may prevent crashing on some systems.
  • -chunksize [size]: specify chunk size in tiles, defaults to 8.

Procedural Sandbox RPG

A fully randomly generated sandbox RPG using Ultima 6/7 as a style guide, featuring huge, expansive worlds.


  • Procedurally generated worlds
  • 4096x4096 world size, 16 times as big as Ultima 6’s world
  • Generates oceans, fresh water bodies, rivers, deserts, snowy/permafrost regions, desolate areas, forests and mountains
  • Modular design allows for modding and replacing of generation and rendering dlls


This game supports modding:
terrain generator plugin, renderer plugin