Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

Kill your enemies, possess their bodies, and take their abilities as your own in this procedurally generated death labyrinth.

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  • Possess your enemy and gain their strengths and skills.
  • 19 forms and over 60 abilities to unlock.
  • Choose between Hardcore mode (only 1 life), 1UP mode (5 lives), and Narrative mode (infinite lives and buffs to explore the game)
  • Randomly generated loot and equipment system.
  • Randomized potion system. (optional)
  • Dynamic music system that ups the musical excitement when enemies are about.
  • Custom Games so you can play the game exactly the way you want to.
  • Shareable death cards document your run and how it ended. Load these in the game for stats or to play using the same seed and settings.
  • Spend death cards to start your next run with items you had when you died.
  • Beating the game gives a victory card which can be used to play a new game+ mode where you start over with your items, abilities, or both.
  • Cratefish currency.
  • Traps as well as unidentified and cursed items.
  • Trade with and sell unwanted items to a mysterious merchant.
  • Detailed tooltips.
  • Line of sight and fog of war systems.
  • Randomly generated dungeon floors.
  • Several types of lootable containers and chests.
  • Single-file save and resume with permadeath.
  • Full options menu including key rebinding and resolution options.
  • 12 retro mode filters to find and unlock.