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I hear about indie game developers running into a lack of understanding from their social surroundings a lot. So much, actually, that I wanted to write a post about it to try and help people understand better not just what we do, but how to be respectful towards what we do.

I get it. You don’t understand what we do. That’s cool. We don’t get a lot of things you do, either, like why don’t you just put your keys in the same place every time so you don’t lose them? It’s the human condition, to not fully understand what drives another. But please, because you care about us, try?

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The alpha for the new, enhanced version of our roguelike MidBoss is out now! Download the alpha for free and share the news with your roguelike-loving friends.

So today I was going to write about the development process of MidBoss, to show how I develop games and maybe teach people a thing or two along the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen as I’ve found something else to blog about. Sunday is my R&R day, so I was playing some Fallout 3. I know, I know, I’m woefully behind the times having never played any Fallout game. And I was quite enjoying myself until I got to Megaton.

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