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Happy new year from everyone at Kitsune Games, we hope you’re going to have a great 2017! In order to start your year off right, we have a new MidBoss patch for you. Version 0.9.2 is out now, and may run 3 to 4 times better than before due to crucial optimizations! It includes multiple monitor support, borderless fullscreen windowed mode, a high contrast font option as well as many bug fixes (with special thanks to Tactless for his tireless QA). Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

Additionally MidBoss now has a Steam store page, complete with new trailer and brand new screenshots, so go wishlist the game! A reminder though, you can get early access to MidBoss for only $10 on, 5 dollars less than the game will be on Steam, all the way up to its 1.0 release in March. Getting the game on itch will also guarantee you a Steam key when the game does launch on Steam.

Happy holidays, Santa has brought us MidBoss version 0.9.0! This version contains new classes of items, item mastery procs, unique items, a merchant, a mysterious member of porcine royalty, new room types, and even gods! For a full description of changes in this version, check the changelog.

MidBoss version 0.8.0 beta out now

MidBoss version 0.8 is out now, and you can get the all new version at the familiar old price during the version 0.8 release special! Changes in 0.8.0 include:

  • A new Quick Play game mode
  • 6 brand new monsters with 15 new abilities
  • New ability types, piercing damage, (point blank) AoE attacks, counter attacks, procs, persistent ground targeted effects, auras and more
  • New room decorations and 2 new room types
  • Overhauled combat graphics
  • New music by @yuzukimasu
  • Brand new opening cutscene
  • Streamlined early game experience for old and returning players

For a full description of all new things in this version, check the changelog.

This tutorial post will show you a simple and reliable way of getting access to copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts in your browser webgame in JavaScript, all without having to use fiddly APIs full of caveats like document.execCommand. Check out the result or follow along below.

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