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This tutorial post will show you a simple and reliable way of getting access to copy, cut and paste keyboard shortcuts in your browser webgame in JavaScript, all without having to use fiddly APIs full of caveats like document.execCommand. Check out the result or follow along below.

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Software 3D rendering in JavaScript, Part 1: Wireframe model

The other day I stumbled onto Dmitry Sokolov’s ‘How OpenGL works’ series, about implementing your own software 3D renderer which functions kind of like OpenGL. I decided to give it a go myself, and maybe write some posts detailing the journey. In part 1 we get set up and get some pseudo wireframe rendering going. You can check out the results, then read on to find out how it’s done.

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Welcome to the new and improved website! We hope you like what we’ve done with the place and we hope you enjoy your stay. While you’re here why not check out what we’re all about or take a look at our games.

MidBoss has been updated to version 0.7.2, with a completely overhauled tutorial system featuring Mid, the imp’s snarky side-kick. This new version also has many bug fixes and new and improved music. You can download the latest version at, or check the instructions on how to update your current copy. Please read our newsletter for detailed information on the changes in this version. Because this is not version 0.8 this update will still be available for free, however starting April 4th the price of the game will be going up to $10 USD, so to save some money you can buy the game now.

Ultra Hat Dimension is now available for Windows on! Ultra Hat Dimension puts players in the shoes of young hat designer Bea as she tries to lift a curse that has made everyone wearing hats turn violent. Featuring tile-based puzzles, Ultra Hat Dimension is a charming jaunt through a gauntlet of fisticuffs. Watch the trailer, check out the game, or download the demo!

Kitsune Games is proud to announce Ultra Hat Dimension, coming to PC on December 2, 2015 for Windows OS. Ultra Hat Dimension makes grid-based puzzle solving dangerous, giving enemies the ability to displace the heroine with punches. Only by wearing the right hats can she turn enemies against each other and get by them safely. Can you guide Bea through the palace and save the Spluffs from perilous punches? Find out more at