MidBoss version 1.0 is out now, which means the game can be completed from start to finish! Additionally, this marks the start of the Steam beta for early backers on itch.io who can now redeem Steam keys and participate in the closed beta. Anyone who plays the closed beta will be awarded an exclusive beta platinum card border to use for their death cards, a feature which will coming soon. For more information please read our newsletter.

To request a steam key:

  • If you made an itch.io account: Look at your purchase history and find MidBoss. The Steam key should be available from the downloads page.
  • If you did not make an account but you did keep the digital receipt: The email is from itch.io with a subject line of “Your purchase of ‘MidBoss.” Follow the download link included in that email; the Steam key should be on that page.
  • If you did not make an account and did not keep the digital receipt: You’ll need to go to itch.io’s support page and use the “Recover Games” option with the email address you used when you purchased the game.

Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

Kill your enemies, possess their bodies, and take their abilities as your own in this procedurally generated death labyrinth.

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