Run, jump, and dash across a land inspired by Japanese mythology and experience
a story of magic and queer romance in this follow up to Super Bernie World.

Classic Platforming, Magic & Queer Romance

We’re proud to announce development of our upcoming title Kitsune Tails, a platformer styled after beloved classics steeped in Japanese mythology and diverse relationships, coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, as well as Windows and Linux via Steam and

Steal and ride around in a giant boot

Play as a young female kitsune, one of Inari’s fox-eared and bushy-tailed messengers, and embark on a hero’s journey that begins while delivering your first message. Experience a romantic encounter with a kindly sorceress who comes to your aid in a time of need. Explore the complicated relationship with your former mentor turned antagonist and uncover her reasons for sealing your love interest inside an elemental prison. Unlock powers that manifest as cute outfits to help you run, jump, and dash across five elemental worlds to save your love interest.

Traverse haunted houses full of restless spirits


  • Classic platforming action set in a land inspired by Japanese mythology
  • Explore five elemental worlds and various haunted houses
  • Learn new elemental powers and use them to find secrets and optional story content
  • Unlock a bonus ending by fully exploring the relationships between characters
  • Use cute outfits to power up, stomp around by stealing a giant boot from enemies
  • Defeat your haughty former mentor and her foxy gang of minions
  • Stomp on pangos to make them curl into a ball, pick them up, and kick them around
  • Carry lights through haunted houses to reveal secret doors and ward off ghosts
Gain special powers through cute outfits

All original Super Bernie World devs are involved in the development, and we’re partnering with MidBoss LLC (2064: Read Only Memories) and console publisher Ratalaika Games to bring you Kitsune Tails. If you like what you see you can find out more at or by visiting the Steam store page, and of course you can always stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter.