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So today I was going to write about the development process of MidBoss, to show how I develop games and maybe teach people a thing or two along the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen as I’ve found something else to blog about. Sunday is my R&R day, so I was playing some Fallout 3. I know, I know, I’m woefully behind the times having never played any Fallout game. And I was quite enjoying myself until I got to Megaton.

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PixelCrash title screen

It’s April, spring is near, and that means that I released my March game for One Game a Month, PixelCrash! A bullet-hell roguelike where you must save the color palette from the evil dead pixels! Get it through my profile or this direct download.

The rest of this post is going to be a post-mortem of the game, as well as what I’ve learned going forward, what I can apply to Project Drake and how, and some thoughts on One Game a Month itself.

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Sprite Renderer - Custom Skinned Shader

First off, after taking a few weeks off I went back to work this week, and stuff has been happening. Unfortunately, most of it is utility work so it’s not exactly exciting stuff to show or write about.

Second, today’s post is going to be a little different. It’s going to be a tutorial or guide on how to use XNA’s SkinnedEffect with custom shaders. I needed to do this for my sprite renderer, and it was pretty tricky. I couldn’t find any ready made code, and I’ve been requested to post on the subject. The image included here is what I did with this for my sprite rendering utility. So, here goes…

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