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MidBoss has been updated to version 0.7.2, with a completely overhauled tutorial system featuring Mid, the imp’s snarky side-kick. This new version also has many bug fixes and new and improved music. You can download the latest version at, or check the instructions on how to update your current copy. Please read our newsletter for detailed information on the changes in this version. Because this is not version 0.8 this update will still be available for free, however starting April 4th the price of the game will be going up to $10 USD, so to save some money you can buy the game now.

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Kill your enemies, possess their bodies, and take their abilities as your own in this procedurally generated death labyrinth.
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Ultra Hat Dimension is now available for Windows on! Ultra Hat Dimension puts players in the shoes of young hat designer Bea as she tries to lift a curse that has made everyone wearing hats turn violent. Featuring tile-based puzzles, Ultra Hat Dimension is a charming jaunt through a gauntlet of fisticuffs. Watch the trailer, check out the game, or download the demo!

Kitsune Games is proud to announce Ultra Hat Dimension, coming to PC on December 2, 2015 for Windows OS. Ultra Hat Dimension makes grid-based puzzle solving dangerous, giving enemies the ability to displace the heroine with punches. Only by wearing the right hats can she turn enemies against each other and get by them safely. Can you guide Bea through the palace and save the Spluffs from perilous punches? Find out more at

MidBoss has been updated to version 0.7.0, with many new features including all new music and dynamic music system, new ability tome items, lootable containers, doors, and a completely revamped title screen. You can download the latest version at, or check the instructions on how to update your current copy. Version 0.7.0 marks the last free update, any updates after this will be for paid users only. Additionally, starting with the next update the price of the game will be going up by a few dollars, so to save some money you can buy the game now.

Ultra Hat Dimension’s web version has been released! Previously you could already play this Ludum Dare game by downloading a stand-alone version, but you can now play it right in your browser, no fuss. The new web version is compatible with Chrome and Firefox, and possibly other untested browsers. On top of that, we’re making an expanded version of the game that we hope to release commercially in November! In this version you will be able to fully explore Fab’s heinous curse, and save the spluffs once and for all. It will feature all new and redesigned levels, two new musical themes, improved gameplay and stability, and a repository for player created puzzles so you can keep playing even after you finish the game.

MidBoss has reached beta with version 0.6.0, which is available now from! Beta brings many improvements, chief of which the item system which has a big impact on players’ routes through the game and replayability. Check out the new trailer, download the game, buy it with early adopter’s discount, or vote for it on Greenlight either on the web or in your Steam client to support the game.

MidBoss inventory screenshot

By popular demand, here’s a post with some insight and details into MidBoss’ item system. I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak preview of the new item system.

Today I put the finishing touches on the item system, mobs now drop loot, which comes in various categories. This also means that the long awaited beta is just around the corner, if you want to stay updated on that the best way to do so is to follow me on Twitter @enichan.

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