Happy new year from everyone at Kitsune Games, we hope you’re going to have a great 2017! In order to start your year off right, we have a new MidBoss patch for you. Version 0.9.2 is out now, and may run 3 to 4 times better than before due to crucial optimizations! It includes multiple monitor support, borderless fullscreen windowed mode, a high contrast font option as well as many bug fixes (with special thanks to Tactless for his tireless QA). Check the instructions on how to update, or read a full description of changes in this version in the changelog.

Additionally MidBoss now has a Steam store page, complete with new trailer and brand new screenshots, so go wishlist the game! A reminder though, you can get early access to MidBoss for only $10 on itch.io, 5 dollars less than the game will be on Steam, all the way up to its 1.0 release in March. Getting the game on itch will also guarantee you a Steam key when the game does launch on Steam.

Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

Kill your enemies, possess their bodies, and take their abilities as your own in this procedurally generated death labyrinth.

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